C1. EC Feedback

What did you think of the A-B-C format? I really like the A-B-C format for this art class because we were introduced to it the first week of school which briefly informed me what will come in the future. It gave this class organization which is great because I knew what to expect out of... Continue Reading →

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One More – Art Activity – ePortfolio

https://purple-orb-9dfw.squarespace.com/ For my last art activity, I wanted to redo my website because the first one I did had issues. I used Wix.com, however this website builder wasn't great at putting the mobile design together, and I didn't want my portfolio to look messy on people's mobile devices. So this week, I started building a... Continue Reading →

Wk B9 – Finger Painting

This week's finger painting activity gave me a break from the constant stress of school work and studying. Since I didn't have to paint something representational I was able to freely paint and honestly have fun with it. There was not pre-thinking or planning–– just doing! This definitely made the process a lot more enjoyable.... Continue Reading →

Wk B6 – Environmental Portrait

For this environmental portrait, I wanted to create a dramatic backlit photo of me and my camera, as I aspire to become a cinematographer. However, it was a bit difficult for me to execute a professional-looking photo because I only had one DSLR (which is presented in the photo). So, I had to use my... Continue Reading →

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